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Customer Story

How E.T. Browne recovered over $1M in invalid deductions

Learn how Steve Josephson, Sr. Director of Global Logistics at E.T. Browne, revolutionized his team's dispute management process, overcame overwhelming deductions, and recovered over $1M from Walmart.
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Customer Story

How Think 3Fold increased their dispute win rate 60x

Think 3Fold ramped up their deductions dispute win rate by 5,900% using SupplyPike.
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How Louisville Ladder reclaimed productivity & got money back

The Louisville Ladder team increased their dispute rate by 33% while reducing the time spent on deductions.
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How hassle-free and fast onboarding is

With practically zero setup time and little IT involvement, onboarding moves quickly so that you can get money back in no time.
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How Eagle Foods increased their deduction recovery rate by +130%

Within their first year using SupplyPike, Eagle Foods increased their deductions recovery rate by +130% and boosted their OTIF score at Walmart.
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