How Think 3Fold Increased Their Dispute Win Rate 60x

With Paul Featherstone, Co-Founder, Alison Biggers, Co-Founder, and Lauren McNamara, Accounting, at Think 3Fold


Think 3Fold is a collectible toy supplier that does it all: develop, curate, design, package, market, consolidate, merchandise, and ship toy collectibles in Walmart Department 5. They began Think 3Fold and introduced their products to Walmart in the early spring of 2020 and have since grown exponentially.

Bentonville, AR


October 2019


Department 5

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Think 3Fold, a Walmart toy collectible supplier, uses Deductions Navigator to increase its dispute win rate 60 times over with the power of 1-click disputes.

Before partnering with SupplyPike, Think 3Fold was just starting to navigate the Walmart dispute process. In four short months, Think 3Fold ramped up their deductions dispute win rate by 5,900% using SupplyPike’s Deductions Navigator app.

Think 3Fold came to SupplyPike in January 2021 with a over a thousand deductions from Walmart, which accounted for a substantial percentage of the company’s invoiced totals.

Attempting to dispute these deductions by hand via Direct Commerce was time-consuming and labor-intensive. This manual process caused 90.73% of disputes to be canceled and a mere 2.71% were approved.

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“We were in such a terrible place. We were on the ropes of survival.”
Paul Featherstone
Co-Founder of Think 3Fold

Use Cases

Shipping Document Retrieval
Deductions & PO Data Export

With Deductions Navigator, Think 3Fold gained immediate access to purchase orders, invoices, claims documents, and shipping documents, as well as 1-click disputing, all in one place. Think 3Fold increased its dispute rate by 133%, and its win rate skyrocketed by 5,900%.



Disputes Won
up from 2.71%


Invoices Recuperated
up from 45.63%


Canceled Disputes
down from 90.73%

The amount of recovered monies increased by 3,338% and the time took for a claim to go through Walmart’s system decreased by 22.91%.

Since January 2021, Think 3Fold has won 92.91% of all its disputed claims and has recuperated 99.57% of monies deducted from invoices.

Total Deductions by Status

in the SupplyPike Deductions Navigator App

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“I think [SupplyPike] really saved us. ... We’re huge, huge fans.”
Alison Biggers
Co-Founder of Think 3Fold

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