You're losing too much money to retailer deductions

Understanding, disputing, and preventing retailer deductions feels impossible. We create software that makes it easy.

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Discover lost revenue

Every supplier deals with Deductions and Chargebacks at some point during their retail journey. We give you the superpowers you need to fight back with our one-click software solution. Get paid On-Time and In-Full.

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Dispute in minutes not days

We streamline root cause research, shortens resolution cycle time, and increases recovery rates on invalid retailer deductions.

Eliminate soul-crushing work

Our intelligent systems will automatically track down Proofs of Delivery and Bills of Lading which are needed to dispute a deduction successfully. The software pays for itself in labor and time savings.

Industry knowledge included

Retailers make it intentionally hard to dispute deductions. We offer industry leading coverage of retailer deduction codes to ensure you are gaining money back whenever possible.

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How we help you get your money back

Setup Integrations

We directly connect with your Retailer, Carriers, 3PLs, and Deduction Dispute portals in minutes, not weeks or months. Plus, we support 350+ integrations out of the box!


Review Deductions

Our system continually monitors all your Purchase Orders, Invoices, Checks, and Deductions. We contextualize your data to make it easy to understand what happened and know what to do about it.

File Disputes

We provide a one-click solution to file disputes with your retailer — no need to fill out long and tedious forms. Once submitted, our systems will continuously monitor your disputes to notify you of updates from the retailer.

SupplyPike has helped suppliers discover over $26,000,000 in deductions this year alone.

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We've helped suppliers discover that they had been receiving
up to 20% less than what they invoiced!