Get paid every dollar Target owes you

Minimize revenue loss with software that provides unmatched visibility, automated deduction disputing, and actionable insights for Target suppliers.

Gain Visibility
Centralize your deductions data to easily identify where you're losing revenue and how to prevent and recover losses.
Automate Disputes
Fully automate repetitive tasks to increase your team's productivity and your cash flow.
Boost Recovery Rates
Say hello to higher recovery rates with enhanced deductions management for your Target business.

Manage your Target deductions in a single, user-friendly application

Our seamless integrations with Partners Online, carriers, and 3PLs empower you to view deduction details in one place so you can better understand the cost to serve Target.

Streamline your disputing process

The average Target supplier is losing 5% of their invoices to deductions, some over 10%. With automated disputing, you can minimize your revenue loss and ensure you get paid every dollar owed.

Proof documents automatically attached
Bulk dispute multiple deductions in seconds
Submit ready disputes to Synergy with a single click

View every detail of every deduction

With detailed data on every single deduction readily available, maintain complete visibility into every dispute, every step of the way.

Real-time validity checks and status updates
Filter by status, date, reason code, and more
Dig into the details with a quick click

Gain insights into potential root causes

Improve your operational performance with insights into potential root causes of valid deductions across your supply chain.

Identify your most common deduction codes
Discover the DCs with the highest deduction count
Evaluate deduction amounts by item number

Identify, recover, and prevent unnecessary revenue loss

Shipping Deductions
Fully automate the recovery of invalid shortage and shipping deductions.
Price Discrepancies
Quickly identify invalid price discrepancies and create dispute claims in seconds.
Compliance Deductions
Dispute invalid compliance deductions within the 90 day limit set by Target.
Unpaid Invoices
Streamline dispute resolution and boost revenue with all invoices in one place.

A game-changing platform for suppliers

If you're a supplier to multiple retailers, the stress of losing data, money, time, and root cause understanding multiplies exponentially. SupplyPike is here to help.

Maximize Cash Flow

Reconcile every deduction, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and boost your recovery rates through the roof.
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Fight Deductions

See all your retailer deductions in one spot. Automatically attach your proof documents and submit disputes in seconds with one click.
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Solve Root Causes

Gain critical insights to determine where you're bleeding money and why. Isolate small problems early on to prevent big problems further down the road.
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Get paid. Get better.™