Take control of your cash flow

Identify revenue losses across your supply chain and quickly recover lost funds from your retail customers.

Drive higher recovery rates and maximize cash flow

Everything you need to get paid every dollar you are owed.

Reconcile every single deduction

Individual disputing or clearing deductions is one of the most time-consuming parts of working in retailer portals. With SupplyPike, you can quickly reconcile every deduction with bulk and automated disputing and archive features.

Minimize dispute resolution time

Cash flow is negatively impacted when you receive less than full payment and fail to dispute promptly. SupplyPike gives you instant visibility to invalid deductions and the power to submit disputes in seconds.

Improve performance and reduce fines

Hold your carrier and warehouse partners accountable with in-depth scorecards and PO-level reporting. Reduce compliance fines and prevent revenue loss across your supply chain.

Everything you need to win your money back, over and over

One-Click Disputing
Fully Automated Disputing
Proof Document Storage
Dispute Status Updates
Overages Billing Support
Audit Recovery Solution

Empowering teams like yours

Prevent revenue loss across your supply chain and protect your bottom line

Fight Deductions

See all your retailer deductions in one spot. Automatically attach your proof documents and submit disputes in seconds with one click.
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Hit Compliance Goals

Hold third parties accountable for mess-ups, prevent and dispute invalid fines, and improve OTIF performance across your supply chain.
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Solve Root Causes

Gain critical insights to determine where you're losing money and why. Isolate small problems early on to prevent big issues down the road.
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Get paid. Get better.™