A results-oriented culture

At SupplyPike we strive to create an environment where people walk in excited to work together and to build the future of supply chain.
Intellectual Curiosity

We constantly challenge prevailing thought by first seeking to understand the problem domain, strategy, market and technology. We know that innate curiosity is crucial for building better, customer-driven products. To foster this, we allocate 10% of our time to learning new technologies and hacking on innovative ideas.


We embrace interdisciplinary talents and cross-collaboration among different teams. There are no sharp boundaries around responsibilities. We favor openness, transparency, and joining forces with the talented people around you.

Lean & Agile

We understand that building a product is worth the investment only if our customer expectations are met or exceeded. Iterating quickly and testing hypotheses with real customers as soon as possible drives our building stages. We avoid analysis paralysis by embracing "perfect is the enemy of good."

Intellectual Integrity

We favor well researched knowledge over impromptu answers. This comes with a need for humility to understand the limits of our own knowledge. We understand making mistakes is a natural part of the process. Reflecting upon and learning from those mistakes is how we continue to grow.


We strive for an environment where being empathetic and considerate for the concerns of others is always top of mind. We take a "no blame" approach by speaking with frankness about problems and solutions. This creates a productive culture of personal accountability.


Changing our entire industry is hard work. We take our work seriously but understanding the value in taking breaks to be social together accounts for overall success. Think: special interest groups, team outings, and team lunches.

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