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Suppliers have recovered over half a billion dollars from invalid retail deductions with SupplyPike.
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Meet with our industry experts to get a free business analysis to see how SupplyPike can help you automate your disputing, prevent revenue loss, and save valuable time.
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SupplyPike can help you minimize revenue loss, save time and be the hero of your company.
Unmatched Visibility
Unmatched Visibility
Unmatched Visibility

Take a peek at what SupplyPike can do for your business

Unmatched Visibility

SupplyPike automatically monitors your POs, invoices, checks, deductions, and more to contextualize your data in the app — empowering you to quickly and easily understand the reason for every deduction and know what to do about it.

Automated Disputing

Effortlessly dispute deductions with all necessary proof documents using our suite of automated disputing features. SupplyPike enables you to fully automate disputes based on your criteria or submit disputes with just one click, saving you valuable time while maintaining control of your deductions management.

Powerful Insights

Minimizing revenue loss is more important than ever before. SupplyPike gives you clear, powerful insights into your supply chain, so you can resolve root-cause issues, hold third parties accountable, and prevent retailer deductions.

100+ years of combined retailer and supplier expertise

SupplyPike was founded to empower suppliers — because we know from experience how broken the supply chain is. We have a team of 100+ experts with deep internal knowledge of the supplier experience and the retailers we service.
"With the ease of insights on the deduction along with the dispute process, we can see if there is a specific problem on a part or as a whole. [It] takes extremely less time to manage the account and dispute deductions with greater return."
How does it work?
With seamless integrations and little to no IT involvement required, you'll see
the impact of SupplyPike in days.
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Our Customer Success team will support you through technical implementation and product training, ensuring you make the most of SupplyPike from day one.
Ongoing Success

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Start identifying invalid deductions, recovering lost revenue, and improving your supply chain through insights and visibility you can only get with SupplyPike.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is SupplyPike priced?
SupplyPike charges you an annual flat-rate price based on the size of your business per retailer, with no hidden fees and no % taken. Really. Our model provides predictable, controllable costs so you have a better handle on your cash flow.
How do I know if you can help me?
SupplyPike offers a 100% free business analysis and benchmark report with your data. We'll provide you with insights around your total deductions received, win rate, days to dispute, top deduction codes, best performing items, and much more.
How is SupplyPike's pricing different than other companies out there?
The industry standard takes a whopping 30% of recovered dollars, incentivizing others to "keep you sick." With SupplyPike, you keep every dollar you recover. We pride ourselves on doing more than just helping you recover your lost revenue. We want you to get paid while getting better.
How do I know if I'm a good fit?
Suppliers partner with SupplyPike when...
  • They're overwhelmed by the ever-evolving revenue loss landscape and need to simplify their processes.
  • They need guidance, insights, and benchmarks on how best-in-class suppliers meet retailer needs.
  • Revenue recovery is not what it should be, and they need help fighting deductions at a higher rate.

Get paid. Get better.™