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Industry Guides

Deduction Management Best Practices Guide

We know the deduction process can be confusing so we put together an industry guide with best practices we've learned when working with CPG clients. This guide provides a crash course in what deductions are and what they look like, the most common deductions, and the best practices to follow so you’re never caught off guard.
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Guide to EDI and Vendor Chargebacks

Understanding your retail partner's EDI and Vendor related chargebacks is key to mitigating the supply chain issues that could account for up to 13% of your total account revenue. This guide includes a breakdown of common vendor chargebacks, a comprehensive list of EDI and Vendor chargebacks by retailer, and an informative breakdown of EDI FAQ's.
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Replenishment Manual - SupplyPike

Replenishment Manual

Finding and understanding the root cause of your instock issue can feel overwhelming. This manual will simplify the process of identifying root cause of an instock issue, the questions you should ask to determine the root cause, and provide you with an easy to follow flowchart to mitigate instock issues.

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Demand Planning Guide

Understanding the main drivers of demand and having the ability to accurately predict future demand scenarios is crucial for any CPG. This guide shows how day level forecasting can help you optimize your supply chain, why machine learning is important, and how to apply demand forecasting to solve problems.
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"We've partnered with SupplyPike because we see they are 100% committed to delivering real results that make a difference for their customer's bottom line. Being a Food Solutions company that focuses on driving end to end solutions for the food companies ourselves, clearly, this was a perfect fit.”

John Lillard, CEO - Positive Food Solutions

“SupplyPike was just what our company needed to breakdown the data in a quick, easy, understandable level. Their report tools pull together the data in seconds that would take days if doing the same search in my own systems. The SupplyPike staff is top notch, extremely helpful and kind.”

Jill, Sr. Logistics and Inventory Analyst

"Working with the SupplyPike Connect team has been a great experience! They work closely with our company to ensure our EDI customers are set up correctly and quickly. They are an efficient team of problem solvers with a great customer service focus.”

Chris, Customer Service Coordinator

“I'm really, really happy with this program. It's user-friendly, it's not overdone. Every time I talk to SupplyPike, the changes have been important changes, needed changes. It just keeps getting better, to be honest.”

Lisa, Logistics Supervisor

“It's really easy to run quotes, save rates, and book the loads. I'm using pretty much every function humanly possible, and from that aspect, it's just the easiest thing ever to use.”

Amy, Intermodal and LTL Operations Specialist

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