How E.T. Browne recovered over $1M in Walmart Deductions

Learn how Steve Josephson, Sr. Director of Global Logistics at E.T. Browne, revolutionized his team's dispute management process, overcame overwhelming deductions, and recovered over $1M from Walmart.

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Family owned and operated since 1840, E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc. is a leader in treatment-oriented beauty products with its trusted Palmer’s® brand. Palmer’s is one of the longest-standing skin and hair care brands made in the USA. Sold in over 100 countries worldwide, Palmer's is known for Cocoa Butter Formula, the US's #1 Cocoa Butter brand.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ
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$41M-$50M Annual Net Ships to Walmart
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Browne faced an overwhelming three-year backlog of Walmart deductions

E.T. Browne faced a critical situation when their Walmart deductions spiraled out of control, leading to a significant accumulation of outstanding and undisputed deductions spanning nearly three years. The accounts receivable and logistics departments struggled to reconcile and recover the entitled funds, hindered by a labor-intensive process.

"Our receivables were in a very bad way, and we couldn't reconcile anything. We weren't collecting the amount of money back from Walmart that we were entitled to. It was a very big challenge, not just for Accounts Receivable, not just for Logistics, but for our organization as a whole," shares Steve Josephson, Senior Director of Global Logistics at E.T. Browne.

The average claim to dispute a single invalid deduction takes 23 steps, 32 clicks, and 15-30 minutes to complete. One error can result in a canceled or rejected claim, costing valuable time and money.

"We only had one person within our Accounts Receivable Department that would go into Retail Link, pull down the deductions as she saw them, and then review them and then pass them along to our Logistics team to do their analysis and gather the documents required. It was a very tedious process, and we just didn't have the manpower to keep up with it."


SupplyPike empowered E.T. Browne's Logistics team to identify and fight every invalid deduction easily

Recognizing the need for a new solution, E.T. Browne found the perfect partner in SupplyPike. SupplyPike's comprehensive solution offered advanced technologies and streamlined processes, empowering E.T. Browne to regain control over their deduction challenges through the power of automation.

"With SupplyPike, we were able to clean up the old deductions within a very short period of time. The dispute ratio in terms of recovery of monies was excellent," says Josephson.

SupplyPike seamlessly integrated with E.T. Browne's systems, allowing for the automatic aggregation of their entire backlog of deductions data and proof documentation. This user-friendly platform is easily accessible across departments, streamlining the process for all involved. SupplyPike's deductions platform became a one-stop shop for E.T. Browne, eliminating the need for tedious manual work and saving valuable time.

"While in the past we had one key person that was involved with the disputing process from Accounts Receivable, our Logistics team has sort of taken the bull by the horn, and they're going after these deductions because they're able to dispute multiple deductions at one given time without doing a lot of detail work that was required before we engaged with SupplyPike."

E.T. Browne's Logistics team was able to effortlessly dispute deductions with all necessary proof documents using SupplyPike's suite of automated disputing features, enabling the team to bulk dispute deductions with one click.

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"With SupplyPike, we were able to clean up the old deductions within a very short period of time. The dispute ratio in terms of recovery of monies was excellent"

Steve Josephson, Senior Director of Global Logistics

E.T. Browne recovered $1.11M of invalid deductions with SupplyPike's deductions management platform

The impact of SupplyPike's deductions management platform was transformative for E.T. Browne, leading to remarkable results.

  1. Recovery of Outstanding Deductions: E.T. Browne was able to swiftly clean up the backlog of outstanding and undisputed invalid deductions, recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period. With SupplyPike, their dispute rate has increased by 48%, and their dispute win rate sits at 82%.

  2. Enhanced Efficiency: SupplyPike's user-friendly dashboards provided valuable insights into dispute statuses, the inflow of recovered funds from Walmart, and overall performance. The streamlined processes and automated workflows brought significant efficiencies to E.T. Browne's organization, allowing their team to focus on dispute resolution rather than tedious manual work.
  3. Partnership and Support: "I would also say the incredible customer service on the part of SupplyPike to support us as an organization. Our team loves [SupplyPike's] webinars and customer-focused information, the emails, and everything," Josephson praised.

"It is truly a partnership, and we're proud to be a partner of SupplyPike," acknowledges Josephson.

Unlock the Potential for Financial Recovery

"If you're having problems with Walmart deductions, [SupplyPike] can certainly help your company recover large sums of invalid deductions, and they will definitely enhance your receivables process," Josephson assures.

Join E.T. Browne in their success. Contact us now to transform your deduction management process.

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