All of your shipping documents in one place

Automate your shipping document retrieval and organization, locate proof documents faster, and confidently fight invalid retail deductions.

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“Testimonial quote here about the success of Retail Intelligence for a customer.”
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“Testimonial quote here about the success of Retail Intelligence for a customer.”
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One Single Portal

All of your shipping documents automatically organized in one place. Never have to manage multiple carrier portals again.

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Hassle-Free Connections

Quickly and easily set up integrations across all major carriers and retailers. Practically zero setup time and little to no IT involvement.

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Built for Retail Suppliers

Documents are automatically sorted by PO number and stored forever, making it simple to find the one you need.

Document Explorer for Your Browser

Find the right shipping document faster than ever before.

Document Explorer browser extension delivers shipping documents to you when and where you need them - while disputing deductions in your retailer portals.

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Automatically fetch documents

50 native carrier connections pull shipping documents across all of your carrier portals. No more sharing portal logins and hunting down documents. Quickly find the POD or BOL you need in a single portal.


Simple documents tailored to your disputing needs

Many collect suppliers will scan BOLs in the warehouse, resulting in 100+ page documents. SupplyPike's proprietary OCR tech extracts the data you need to create new files with a Master and Individual BOL for each PO number.

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PO search feature in the Document Explorer app.

Locate shipping documents with a quick PO search

We index your shipping documents by retailer PO number, so you can always find the one you need. Your documents are stored forever, giving you peace of mind to dispute untimely deductions or post audits.

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Multi-retailer support

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We’re offering a 50% discount on Document Explorer when you pair it with Deductions Navigator for Walmart or Kroger, or with OTIF Radar for Walmart. Learn more about what Deductions Navigator and OTIF Radar can do for your business!

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Document Explorer’s full potential is unleashed when paired with Deductions Navigator or OTIF Radar. Receive a 50% discount on Document Explorer with your subscription to Deductions Navigator or OTIF Radar.


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