Automate your Kroger deductions disputing

Maximize your cash flow at Kroger with fully automated disputing and gain valuable insights to help you boost operational efficiencies.

Automated Disputing
Say hello to higher recovery rates with supply chain transparency and automatic disputing.
Data Context
Gain critical insights to identify small problems in your supply chain to prevent big problems down the road.
Increase Productivity
Fully automate tedious, repetitive tasks to give your team more time back and boost productivity.

Stop losing money to Kroger deductions

Turn your data into a user-friendly dashboard to gain a full understanding of every deduction and reduce revenue loss across your supply chain.

Reduce days deductions outstanding

It can take 30 minutes to dispute one invalid deduction or fee. With SupplyPike, you can submit claims instantly, clearing deductions and compliance fees from your books in seconds.

Auto-fetch and attach PODs and BOLs
Dispute multiple deductions with a single click
Fully automate claims for selected deduction types

Quickly dig into every deduction

No need to log into Lavante to manage your deductions. Quickly access the details of every deduction with all associated documentation - in one app.

Get high-level information with list view
Sort or filter by status, date, reason code
View even the smallest details with a quick click

Identify trends across fines and deductions

Empower your team with useful insights to easily identify valid deductions and prevent them in the future.

Identify your most common deduction codes
Discover your DCs with the highest deduction count
Evaluate deduction amounts by item number

Check out these resources to learn how you can win at retail!

If you're a supplier to multiple retailers, the stress of losing data, money, time, and root cause understanding multiplies exponentially. SupplyPike is here to help.

Maximize Cash Flow

Reconcile every deduction, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and boost your recovery rates through the roof.
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Fight Deductions

See all your retailer deductions in one spot. Automatically attach your proof documents and submit disputes in seconds with one click.
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Solve Root Causes

Gain critical insights to determine where you're bleeding money and why. Isolate small problems early on to prevent big problems further down the road.
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