Stop losing money to Home Depot

Minimize revenue loss with advanced software that streamlines the disputing process for Home Depot chargebacks, empowering you to swiftly recover lost funds.

Gain Visibility
Get unmatched visibility into every chargeback, helping you identify, prevent, and recover revenue losses.
Boost Recovery Rates
Say hello to higher recovery rates with enhanced chargeback management for your Home Depot business.
Automate Proof Aggregation
All your proof documents are at your fingertips. No more wasted time searching for documents.

Home Depot doesn’t make it easy for their suppliers.

Home Depot imposes stringent documentation requirements for successful dispute resolution. As a result, suppliers often recover less than owed due to the significant time required to collect all proof documentation and navigate the disputing process in Supplier Hub.

The average Home Depot supplier is losing...


of their invoices to chargebacks


minutes on average to dispute one chargeback

Seamlessly integrate with Supplier Hub

Our seamless integrations with Supplier Hub, carriers, and 3PLs empower you to manage chargebacks in one user-friendly place. With SupplyPike, you can better understand the cost of serving Home Depot — and get paid every dollar owed.

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Streamline your disputing process

It can take up to 25 minutes to dispute one chargeback in Supplier Hub. With SupplyPike, our automated disputing process only takes seconds and ensures you get paid every dollar owed.

Auto-attach proof documents
Bulk dispute multiple chargebacks
One-click disputing for shortages

Gain visibility into each chargeback

Gain unmatched visibility into your chargebacks, including shortages, pricing discrepancies, trade discounts, and more.

Sort and filter by status, date, and reason code
Get high-level information with list view
Gain critical insights into your most common deduction code

Get dedicated support from industry experts

Be confident knowing what each deduction code is, how to prevent it, and how to fight it with dedicated support.

Gain insights from industry experts
Get free educational content
Dedicated support here to help you

Check out these resources to learn how you can win at retail!

If you're a supplier to multiple retailers, the stress of losing data, money, time, and root cause understanding multiplies exponentially. SupplyPike is here to help.

Maximize Cash Flow

Reconcile every deduction, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and boost your recovery rates through the roof.
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Fight Deductions

See all your retailer deductions in one spot. Automatically attach your proof documents and submit disputes in seconds with one click.
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Solve Root Causes

Gain critical insights to determine where you're bleeding money and why. Isolate small problems early on to prevent big problems further down the road.
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