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Ditch DSS and get your Sunday nights back with Retail Intelligence.

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“Testimonial quote here about the success of Retail Intelligence for a customer.”
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Instant Actionable Insights

Retail Link reporting is slow and archaic. With Retail Intelligence, you can build dynamic reports that allow for actionable insights into your data. Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

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Save Time for What Matters

Did you know that analysts spend an average of 7.5 hours a week waiting for DSS to build reports? With Retail Intelligence, you can get that data in seconds, not hours.

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Smart Reporting

This isn’t just a visualization tool. Retail Intelligence has been developed by real Walmart suppliers so that every metric, chart, map, and graph is relevant and useful for you.

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Get your Sunday nights back

Let our automated report builder deal with DSS so you don’t have to. Monday morning reports are automatically generated and delivered to your inbox so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Get product where it needs to go in 3 minutes, not 3 hours

Our SSO Generator allows you to script products to stores based on the parameters you set, and auto-fills the NOVA template for you too. Mic. Drop.

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It’s time to kiss DSS goodbye

With Data Lab, you can specify exactly which data points you’re interested in and then export your data to a spreadsheet. Get your report in less than 60 seconds.

Take it for a spin with a free trial!

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See the full power of Retail Intelligence

Performance Report

Highlights performance drivers, including change in store count, retail price, and unit velocity.

Promo Tracker

Track daily sales, sell-thru, and top-selling stores for in-and-out items.

Quartile Report

Identifies stores with less-than-ideal inventory allocations to recommend store-level forecast adjustments.

Report Sharing

Collaborate on a single version of truth by sharing and annotating dashboards directly in Retail Intelligence.

Custom Dashboards

Build tailor-made, dynamic visualizations on the fly by customizing dozens of metrics.

DI Ladder Report

Track and project inventory flow from the port to IDC to store, compared to target weeks of supply.

Supply Plan Simulator

Make adjustments to target supply or sales forecast to simulate how the forecasted demand might affect supply.

Sales Lift Report

Calculate the increase in sales attributed to promotional activities across different timeframes and regions.

Are you ready for a better way to access your data?

Sign up today for modern, intuitive retail reporting that doesn’t require 10 years of experience to understand.

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