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We know how painful it can be to be a new Walmart supplier. Deductions are overwhelming and not having visibility into your supply chain can make it difficult to hold everyone accountable.

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For only $700 per month, qualifying New Walmart Suppliers* can have full access to our Walmart solutions.

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Don’t settle! Dispute and recover all of your invalid deductions in a single click.

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  • One-click Disputing icon
    One-Click Disputing
    Cut down your workload and submit disputes in seconds.
  • Proof Aggregation icon
    Proof Aggregation
    PODs, BOLs, and claim info gathered automatically.
  • Historical data icon
    Historical Data
    Go back a full 2 years of disputes to make sure you get paid in full.
  • Automatic status updates icon
    Automatic Status Updates
    Get peace of mind with automatic status updates when the retailer takes action on your disputes.
  • Visibility icon
    Total Visibility
    Clear insights into your deductions to understand the root cause.
  • Research tools icon
    Integrated Research Tools
    Rich knowledge base with up-to-date info to help you get every penny back.

Predict and prevent costly 3% On Time In Full fines.

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  • Root cause icon
    Uncover Root Cause
    Benchmark carriers, warehouses, and items to find the cause of fines.
  • Visibility icon
    Supply Chain Visibility
    See the whole picture of your supply chain performance.
  • Scorecard icon
    3rd Party Scorecards
    OTIF scorecards for each 3rd party in your supply chain.
  • Projected fines icon
    Projected Fines
    See the impact of actual and projected fines before they happen.
  • Control Tower icon
    OTIF Control Tower
    The metrics that affect your bottom line in one unified view.
  • Historical data icon
    Historical Data
    Keep your data available and accessible beyond 2 weeks.

Do I qualify as a New Walmart Supplier?

*New Walmart Suppliers have been a supplier to Walmart for less than a year, have fewer than 20 employees, and generate less than $2 million in annual sales.

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