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We know how painful it can be to be a new Walmart supplier. Reporting is time consuming and tedious, deductions are overwhelming, and not having visibility into your supply chain can make it difficult to hold everyone accountable.

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For only $900 per month, qualifying New Walmart Suppliers* can have full access to all three of our products.

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Deductions Navigator

Don't settle! Dispute and recover all of your invalid deductions in a single click.

Automatic Status Updates
Get notified when you win disputes, and when you have action items.
Integrated Research Tools
Rich knowledge base with up-to-date info to help you get every penny back.
Proof Aggregation
PODs, BOLs, and claim info gathered automatically.
Total Visibility
Clear insights into your deductions to understand the root cause.
One Click Disputing
Cut down your workload and submit disputes in seconds.
Historical Data
Go back a full two years of disputes to make sure you get paid in full.

Retail Intelligence

Never open Retail Link® again and get your Sunday nights back.

Powered by AI
Get insights that increase sales and reduce out-of-stocks.
Shareable Reports
Share metrics and annotations with your entire team.
Zero-effort Reports
Automatically get recurring reports in your inbox.
Custom Alerts
Set custom thresholds and get notified of exceptions.
Custom Dashboards
Mix and match from 200+ KPIs that you care about.
Granular Data
Drill down into the data at every level.

OTIF Radar

Predict and prevent costly 3% On Time In Full fines.

OTIF Control Tower
The most important metrics that affect your bottom line in one unified view.
Historical Data
Keep your data available and accessible beyond 2 weeks.
Projected Fines
See the impact of actual & projected fines before they happen.
3rd Party Scorecards
OTIF scorecards for each 3rd party in your supply chain.
Uncover Root Cause
Benchmark carriers, warehouses, and items to find the root cause of fines.
Supply Chain Visibility
See the whole picture of your supply chain performance.

Do I qualify as a New Walmart Supplier?

*New Walmart Suppliers have been a supplier to Walmart for less than a year, have fewer than 20 employees, and generate less than $2 million in annual sales.

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