Audit recovery service for Walmart Suppliers

A comprehensive audit recovery service to help suppliers better understand the Post Audit process and fight back against invalid Post Audits from Walmart.

All research work and sourcing of detailed proof documentation is handled by our team.
We guide your team or handle negotiations with the auditing firm based on your preference.
Root Cause
Process change suggestions can enable your team to avoid or prepare for similar audits in the future.

Fast Pitch: Post Audit Service

At Walmart, Post Audits can be crippling for a supplier’s business, and they can sneak up out of nowhere. Tune in to hear about how SupplyPike’s new service can help fight back!

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Respond quickly to dispute invalid Post Audits


Average business days to complete research


Average % of audits that are at least partially invalid


Start-up fee, so utilizing the service carries zero risk

Types of Walmart audits we can tackle

Excessive Defective Merchandise
Allowances Not Given
Failure to Combine Loads
Pricing Differences
Recover Price Protection
Freight for Orders Not Shipped in Full
Uncommon Audit Types
Partially Repaid Audits
Plus so much more! Get in touch about your audit needs.
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A game-changing platform for suppliers

What you can do with SupplyPike

Fight Deductions

See all your retailer deductions in one spot. Automatically attach your proof documents and submit disputes in seconds with one click.
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Maximize Cash Flow

Reconcile every deduction, ensure every dollar is accounted for, and boost your recovery rates through the roof.
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Solve Root Causes

Gain critical insights to determine where you're losing money and why. Isolate small problems early on to prevent big issues down the road.
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