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Your revenue should be your revenue

Deductions routinely eat up over 22% of a supplier's total invoices, and they can pile up so fast that it feels hopeless to fight them. SupplyPike gives you the deduction management tools to help you win back money that's rightfully yours.

Visibility and trends

See every deduction and drill down into the details. SupplyPike identifies patterns and trends of how different deductions impact your business while helping you understand how to fix underlying problems.

Knowledge is power

Deductions don’t have to be confusing. We show you what each deduction code means, why it happened, how to prevent it, and how to win your money back.

Aggregated proof documentation

How much time does your team spend tracking down proofs of delivery and bills of lading for every deduction dispute? SupplyPike connects directly with your carriers or 3PL and automatically attach shipping documents to every order - saving you hours of searching for proof documentation.

One-click disputes

Stop spending hours or days filling out deduction disputes one by one in retailer portals. Now you can collect the necessary proof documentation and submit disputes with a single click.

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