Don't let OTIF charges impact your bottom line

Prevent valid fines, instantly dispute invalid charges, and improve OTIF performance across your supply chain.

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“Testimonial quote here about the success of Retail Intelligence for a customer.”
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Instant Invalid Charge Disputes

OTIF disputes take hours of research and data gathering. OTIF Radar automatically identifies invalid fines, packages up proof data, and lets you dispute directly in the app.

Eliminate Needless OTIF Fines

3% OTIF fines shouldn't be a cost of doing business. We'll show you straightforward insights to resolve your noncompliant root causes and reduce your fines.

Expertise at the Ready

Walmart constantly changes compliance requirements to drive higher performance. Our team monitors these rules to help you improve scores and reduce fines in any scenario.


Instant OTIF disputing

Forget digging into 7 data sources to put together a monthly OTIF dispute. SupplyPike automatically pulls this data together and bundles it for you in a ready-made OTIF dispute submitted directly from SupplyPike.

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SupplyPike OTIF Radar analysis

OTIF analysis across your supply chain

Identify your largest OTIF opportunities among every part of your supply chain including carriers, ship points, items, vendor numbers, and more.


Hold 3rd parties accountable

Detailed OTIF scorecards for every carrier and warehouse provider allow you to share specific performance gaps and drive improvement to scores and fines.

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SupplyPike OTIF Radar invalid fines

Automatically identify invalid fines

OTIF Radar aggregates data from 7 different Walmart apps and automatically spots discrepancies on non-compliance, or scenarios where you weren't at fault.

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Every feature you need to tackle OTIF

Projected OTIF Fines

View projected OTIF fines before they hit, so you're never surprised and can spot major problems before they become worse.

Detailed Dispute Tracking

We automatically sync dispute updates so you can immediately review dispute results with feedback posted in High Radius pulled in for you.

Appointment and Routing History

A complete history of every routing you’ve scheduled including cancelled pickups, plus every delivery appointment scheduled with the WM DCs.

Transportation Portal Ticket Integration

Never hunt down transportation portal tickets again since we automatically pull and associate these tickets to related POs for you.

ASN Shipped to Received Discrepancies

SupplyPike automatically compares every case you say you shipped to what Walmart says they received to identify any discrepancies.

All your data in one place

Access OTIF data with ASNs, DSS receiving reports, delivery appointments, routings, transportation tickets, shipping documents, and more.

Are you ready to solve your compliance headaches and reduce fines?

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