Walmart's OTIF changes are coming fast.

SupplyPike's OTIF Radar can isolate poor performance in your supply chain and resolve issues before they hit your bottom line.

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OTIF goals for <> suppliers, like you

POs will begin affecting OTIF fines as of September 15th.

Prepaid LTL On Time changing from

70% → 98%

That's a 40% increase

Prepaid FTL On Time changing from

87.5% → 98%

That's a 12% increase

General Merch In Full changing from

95% → 98%

That's a 3% increase

Collect Ready changing from

95% → 98%

That's a 3% increase

Food & Consumables In Full changing from

97.5% → 98%

That's a .5% increase

Visibility like never before

Detailed OTIF data today disappears after 13 weeks, before any fines come across. OTIF Radar gives you peace of mind with automatic data extraction and indefinite storage.

Get 1 Month for $1

Predict & prevent future OTIF Fines

See your projected fine totals before they become invoices so you can identify issues in replenishment and reduce or avoid those fines.

Hold carriers accountable

View OTIF scorecards for each carrier in your supply chain, and export detailed performance reports to share and hold them accountable.

Access your
data anytime

It's hard to win when data disappears before fines come across and system crashes are frequent. OTIF Radar gives you peace of mind with indefinite storage and 99.9% uptime.

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