Walmart settlement is out. Automated disputing is in.

Walmart retired settlement disputing on May 1 and encouraged suppliers to move towards Mass Dispute Creating (MDC) within APDP. MDC will likely result in suppliers losing significant amounts of revenue. Luckily, SupplyPike's automated disputing will empower you to get paid every dollar you deserve.

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The costs of APDP's Mass Dispute Creation

MDC allows suppliers to dispute up to 500 claims at a time - but without any proof documents attached. Only claims that would normally get auto-approved in APDP will get approved through MDC, while the rest will fall back to the individual dispute process.

According to our data, this will not be effective.

  • 82% of disputes will not be approved through MDC
  • 400 suppliers across all categories experienced a low 18% auto-approval rate
  • Suppliers are accustomed to recovering 60-70% of disputes

The advantage of automated disputing

SupplyPike enables you to fully automate disputes based on your criteria or submit disputes with just one click. Forget setting a dollar threshold for your disputes - our suite of automated disputing features empowers you to recover every dollar you deserve.

With SupplyPike you can:

  • Dispute Walmart Deductions in one-click
  • Set parameters for certain deductions to be automatically disputed
  • Find the most significant cause of fines among every item, vendor #, department, DC, carrier, and more

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"[With SupplyPike, it] takes extremely less time to manage the account and dispute deductions with greater return."

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Settlement disputing is out and automated disputing is in. Take advantage of SupplyPike's suite of automated disputing features for one month free and start getting paid every dollar you deserve.

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