Don’t lose money to Kroger deductions.

Getting visibility into your Kroger deductions will help you understand, dispute, and prevent them from hitting your bottom line.

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Get instant deductions visibility

See all of your deductions and what stages they are in, automatically updated nightly.

Sort through your deductions easily

Sort and filter your deductions to make them make sense for you.

Save thousands of hours of work

Dispute your deductions in seconds with just one click.


All of your Kroger deductions in one place.

Don’t waste time combing through your invoices to find your deductions. See your automatically updated current and past deductions, as well as where they are in the pipeline – all in one place!

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Sort through your deductions with ease.

Search for deductions with an invoice, PO, payment, or UPC number and filter by Date, Claim Status, and Deduction Code.


Dig into each deduction without logging into Lavante.

Access the details of each deduction and all necessary documentation in just one click!

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