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Stop losing money to Amazon deductions.

Gain complete visibility into your deductions, identify root causes in your supply chain, and submit your disputes faster with a single click.

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Get Instant
Deductions Visibility

Understand every penny taken by deductions, see all of your deductions in one place, and sort and filter to find exactly what you need.

Streamline Your
Disputing Process

Gathering proof documents and filling out dispute forms is time consuming. Dispute your deductions with one click and get your money back faster.

Save Time, Money
(and Sanity)

Cut your time spent submitting claims from hours down to seconds. The software will pay for itself in time savings alone.


Gain actionable deduction insights

See trends and patterns for your deductions, gain insights into potential root causes, and track the efficacy of your disputes.

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Navigate your deductions
with ease

Search for deductions with an invoice, PO or payment and filter by Date, Dispute Status, and Deduction Type. Never get lost trying to track down your deductions again.


Dig into the details of each deduction

See the full story of your deductions from your invoices, disputes, and shipping documents, plus any changes to shortages along the way - all in one view.

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Automate the heavy lifting

Automatically fetch and attach BOLs and PODs to your deductions and submit your disputes in seconds. Winning back money from Amazon has never been easier.

Are you ready to maximize your cash flow?

Integrating your data with SupplyPike is simple. Get started for free today and you'll be on your way to recovering Amazon deductions in no time.
Interested in fighting deductions at Walmart, Kroger, or Target?
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