The Complete Walmart Tool Kit

As a supplier, it's hard finding reliable information! That's why we put together these tools to help you win at Walmart:

What you'll get:

The Ultimate Guide to Walmart OTIF

Have the new OTIF standards left you confused? We've untangled the knot and laid out the information in plain English!

Understand the ABCs of Walmart OTIF

Discover the root cause of kinks in your supply chain

Learn how to address and avoid those pesky OTIF fines

Clean, Printable Walmart Fiscal Calendar

Never forget an important Walmart week again with this printable 8.5" x 11" month-by-month and yearly Walmart calendar.

Find Walmart Weeks at a glance

Keep track of U.S Holidays and SQEP phases

Know when OTIF fees will hit your bottom line

44 Deduction Codes Explained

We ran the numbers, suppliers on average lose 20% of what they invoice Walmart to deductions. 👀 That's why we complied this comprehensive list of deduction codes:

Get the answers to what deduction codes actually mean

See what your business could be doing to prevent future fees

Master the dispute process and put money back in your pocket

Your Questions Answered: the OTIF Q&A Replay

Five industry experts answer questions about Walmart's new OTIF standards. Learn in this 1-hour panel:

Your increased expectations for On-Time and In-Full

What you can do to cope with these drastic changes

How you can fight these hefty fines

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