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SupplyPike uses complex algorithms to sift through and correlate millions of data points. All with the goal of helping you.

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How does SupplyPike work?


Data for your entire supply chain from manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, 3PLs, and sales is collected to bring all of your teams together on the same page.


Whether it’s in transportation or inventory, real-time dashboards track your performance to quickly identify trends and insights. And have we mentioned how delightful they look?


Know the whys behind events and what will happen tomorrow with our machine learning forecasts and data-driven predictions. It’s like a Magic 8 ball, without the upsetting “Ask Again Later.”


We’re not satisfied with just making beautiful graphs. We strive to get you the strategic plans to talk to right people and create the correct orders, so your can get the right products on the shelves at the right time.

Respond to your Supply Chain faster

Whether they’re alerts to notify you of the latest changes or goals trackers to get you where you want to be. We’ve got them.

Insights you can act on

SupplyPike knows that time is money. We focus on providing you key retail analytics insights straight to your inbox, so you can take the necessary steps when they matter most.

Industry experts available anytime

Our team of experts works with your company to understand the biggest pain points in your supply chain and find actionable solutions to save you time and money.

Get your Sunday nights back

SupplyPike eliminates the need to pull multiple reports by automating and aggregating the data across retailers and supply chain partners for you.

The only supply chain solution you'll ever need

Customizable Dashboards

Our collection of graphs and dashboards have been battled-tested and refined to be customizable and solve your most important supply chain problems.

Domain knowledge

Tailored metrics designed with the domain expertise of each role in mind. From executives to supply chain analyst, we’ve got the tools to keep you focused and on track for your goals.

Natural Language Problem Detection

Understanding what’s going on in your supply chain shouldn’t feel like learning a new language. Get simple explanations of the what's and why's behind what's going on.
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