Improve your On Time and In Full (OTIF) Retailer Scores

SupplyPike OTIF software instantly provides supply chain insights to fix your retailer OTIF issues and avoid fines.

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  • Skip the boring work with automatically downloaded, cleaned, and aggregated retailer data
  • Track & measure the impact of your supply chain changes to your OTIF scores

Drill Down Analysis & Scorecards

Find your sources of non-compliance with every piece of your supply chain analyzed and compared from an On Time and In Full perspective.

  • Carriers
  • Items
  • Warehouses
  • Retailer DCs

Top Opportunities

Don’t spend all day digging into data to find the key insights you need. View your largest sources of non-compliance immediately across your entire supply chain.

Track Your Supply Chain Improvements

Track your OTIF supply chain changes with our targeted Before & After OTIF Analysis of only the relevant segments of your supply chain for each change you make.

Live OTIF Scores

Waiting 2 weeks for OTIF scores means you can’t make intelligent, tactical decisions today. We use real-time data to project your final OTIF scores for the month.

Historical OTIF Performance

Never worry about data disappearing again. The OTIF solution stores your detailed supply chain performance indefinitely for future analysis.

Retail Data Sync

Tired of getting kicked out of retailer systems while running reports manually? We extract the data for you so you always have it without lifting a finger.

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