Let the machines do the heavy lifting

Powerful analytics shouldn’t be limited to data scientists. SupplyPike's machine learning tools are designed to be used by the everyday CPG company.

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Be your own forecasting expert

We offer context around your forecasts, so you can know the why behind your predictions.

Weather the Storm

Understand the impact that weather can play on your products and know the best steps to take to maximize your sales opportunities.

A Strategy for People

SupplyPike’s model takes retailer demographics & census data to help you understand your customers, and to maximize your sales.

Plan Better Promotions

Wonder if a promotion will perform better before Halloween or Thanksgiving? No problem! We show you how promotions might vary from season to season.

Root cause for your replenishment

Our data science solution sifts through your data to track down the root causes of your in-stock issues down to the DC and item level, so you can meet recovery dates faster.

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Transportation you can trust

Our machine learning takes millions of data points from years of shipping data to rate each carrier, so you can choose the best ones to deliver your products on time.

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Don't let phantom inventory bring down sales

Our phantom inventory tracker leverages the power of machine learning and sifts through your sales patterns to predict where stores might have missing products.

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