On Shelf Planning

Balancing supply and demand for on shelf planning has never been easier with our advanced machine learning models.

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Forecast like a pro

Understand exactly what goes into your forecast - weather, holidays, promotions. SupplyPike tracks unexpected surges in demand so you're always up to date on changes.

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Anomaly alerts

Automated purchase orders can cause major headaches. You'll get alerts when abnormalities are detected so you're never caught off guard.

A strategy for people

SupplyPike’s model takes retailer demographics & census data to create a more accurate demographics map based on population density.

Answer what if?

Wonder if a promotion will perform better before Halloween or Thanksgiving? No problem! SupplyPike leverages big data to show you how promotion timing may vary.

Measure, Validate, Recommend

Take action on your Supply Plan by viewing it alongside your sales forecast. Easily spot discrepancies and get the data needed to make update recommendations to Replenishment Managers.

Be proactive with your inventory

SupplyPike's proprietary Out of Stock Predictor uses machine learning forecasts alongside real time inventory data, so you can act on potential out of stocks before the happen.

Take the guesswork out of on shelf planning

Optimize warehouse planning with our out of the box solutions. SupplyPike helps you cut down on carrying costs by suggesting how much product to store, when, and where.

Long lead times got you down?

Use the SupplyPike Ladder Report tool to optimize your production schedule by balancing it against a seasonal forecast. Quickly spot where adjustments should be made in order to avoid lost sales.

“SupplyPike was just what our company needed to breakdown the data in a quick, easy, understandable level. Their report tools pull together the data in seconds that would take days if doing the same search in my own systems. The SupplyPike staff is top notch, extremely helpful and kind.”

Jill Hathaway
Senior Logistics and Inventory Analyst

"It's really easy to run quotes, save rates, and book the loads. I'm using pretty much every function humanly possible, and from that aspect, it's just the easiest thing ever to use."

Intermodal and LTL Operations Specialist
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