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SupplyPike pushes the boundaries beyond mundane reports by creating data-driven opportunities to increase omnichannel retail sales.

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Retail sales comparison made easy

Year over year sales analysis and line reviews should be second nature with our sales comparison tool that gives you the flexibility to analyze performance across any time frame.

Prep your proposals with data and confidence

Back up your proposals to get more product in high performing stores with SupplyPike’s interactive Sales by Store map or dive deep into the data behind the scenes.

Be strategic with your store opportunities

Know which stores your products will sell well in by leveraging machine learning and demographic data powering our Store Opportunities tool, without needing years of retailer expertise.

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Reporting that Matters

A rich and ever-growing collection of sales reporting tools for your team. Whether you want automated company performance each week or a quick view of your supplier scorecard, SupplyPike has you covered.

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Plug into our other powerful solutions

Order Management
Simplify your order and fulfillment processes with machine learning automation and robust EDI business integrations.
A powerful resource to help you track OTIF performance, meet retailer requirements, and dispute deductions

Inventory Replenishment

Be proactive in your on-shelf availability and on-shelf planning with data-backed insights needed to understand replenishment needs.


Rate, dispatch, and track the entire LTL process. Improve delivery timelines. View POs, BOLs, invoices and more in one place.

Business Integrations

Access all of your business applications in one platform and exchange data with hundreds of EDI connections.

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