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Deductions Manager, Mohu

"We needed a tool that would help us to organize and zero in on our WM/Sam's purchase orders.

SupplyPike Deductions Navigator has saved us a lot of time while entering our disputes because everything is mostly auto populated into the WM portal for us which is AWESOME!"

Partner, RJ Sales & Analytics

"SupplyPike has afforded me more time to analyze my business efficiently and productively.

Instead of spending most of my time pulling reports and building analytical tools, SupplyPike Retail Intelligence provides me with the KPI's within seconds. The retail intelligence and the opportunity to build retail analytics with a like minded team."

Independent Retail Consultant

"SupplyPike software has saved us time that we need to be spending continuing to build a pipeline of new business.

It's a partnership that truly provides a whole department of analytic mapping and deep-dive solutions and support at the touch of a button. Detail as deep as you want to go along with 30,000 foot views on everything from sales to forecasting, replenishment, inventory and of course OTIF metrics."

Manage more clients with less work.

Move beyond rows and columns to visualize your biggest opportunities with clarity and confidence.

Designed for amazing teams like yours.

Save hours weekly by unifying your workflow. Switch between clients and their websites for carriers, warehouses, 3PLs and retailers with blazing speed.


Increase your capabilities instantly.

Whether you’re a one-person powerhouse or an amazing team, you’ll have all the right tools to achieve greater results.


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Sales Analyst

Visualize high level trends, and dig into granular row level data.

Replenishment Analyst

Map potential Out-of-Stock and uncover artificial On-Hands.

Deductions Analyst

Instantly fetch PODs and BOLs and dispute deductions.

Compliance Analyst

Drill OTIF impact by POs, Carriers, DCs, SKUs, and Warehouses.

National Account Managers

View and orchestrate all things that affects your bottom line.

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What our customers are saying:

“We've opened up $50k in disputes over the last two weeks on Deductions Navigator!”

“Our line review was AMAZING! We did so well. The confidence we had to cut through some of the data issues prior to the line review by using your reports helped us tremendously!

Thank you! Best money I've spent in a very long time.”

Why SupplyPike cloud software?

"Retail supply chain has gotten extremely challenging for consumer packaged goods companies and their teams.
It's time to arm the experts with easily accessible data that grows sales, minimizes OTIF penalties, and claws deductions back.

Dan Sanker
Founder & Chairman of the Board

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