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SupplyPike Deductions Management software makes understanding, disputing, and preventing Walmart deductions, easy.

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We directly connect with your Retailer, Carriers, 3PLs, and Deduction Dispute portals in minutes, not weeks or months.

Get Instant Visibility

Our system continually monitors all your Purchase Orders, Invoices, Checks, and Deductions. We contextualize your data to make it easy to understand what happened and know what to do about it.

Automatically Fetch Files

We'll automatically track down all the documents you need like Proofs of Delivery and Bills of Lading to successfully dispute invalid deductions.

Dispute in one click

Say goodbye to filling out long and tedious forms with one-click deduction disputes. We'll even monitor and notify you of updates from the retailer.

Enterprise Reporting

Insights and trends help identify little problems so you can stop them from becoming big problems.

Get Paid in Full

Deductions shouldn't decimate your cash flow. Our software shows you every deduction and helps you fight back. Hello, higher recovery rates.

Industry Knowledge Included

Retailers make it intentionally hard to dispute deductions. We offer industry-leading insight into retailer deduction codes so you're never in the dark.

Costs less than yesterday's deductions.

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Executive summary of how deductions are impacting your bottom line.
per month, per retailer
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    Last 90 day deduction totals, aggregated by claim code

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    Insights on how to reduce and dispute claims

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    Syncs and Auto Updates Weekly

Detailed visibility into all of your retailer deductions
per month, per retailer
Everything from Snapshot, plus:
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    Detailed data for every deduction

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    Sort, filter, search all deductions

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    Updated daily

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    Up to 10 SKUS

Contextualized data, instant disputing, and preventative insights.
per month, per retailer
Everything from Visibility, plus:
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    Purchase order, invoice, and check data to help research claims

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    Dispute deductions with one click

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    Dispute status updates

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    Deductions dashboard/insights

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    Updated daily

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    Up to 10 SKUs

Shipping Document Retrieval:
+ $100 per month, per integration

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