Let's answer some questions.

What's included in a free trial?

Your free trial includes access to our Recovery tier with YOUR data for 14 days. You’ll get access to all of your purchase order, invoice, and deduction data, one-click disputing, and reporting. Carrier integrations for shipping document retrieval are not part of the trial period.

Is a credit card required for a trial?

Before your trial begins you will be asked for a credit card, but your billing will not start until after the trial period expires. If you cancel the trial before the expiration date then your card will not be charged. 

Do you offer a discount for annual contracts?

Yes! The pricing plans above are based on month-to-month subscription. Annual contracts receive a 10% discount vs. the monthly price. We offer a 10% on top of that if you are subscribing to all SupplyPike offerings.

Can I cancel my plan?

Once you’ve experienced our deductions management software we really think you’ll be hooked, but you can still cancel your plan at any time by reaching out to our support team. 

Will I get a refund if I cancel my plan?

Canceling your plan means that you will receive no future invoices, but we do not issue refunds for previous invoices. For more info please read our Terms & Conditions. 

Why does the price increase if my company has more than 10 SKUs?

Our pricing scales as company size increases because of our added costs of retrieving, processing, and storing data. We strongly believe that our Deductions Management software can benefit companies of all sizes, so we strive to make our pricing reasonable regardless of the size of our customers.

Which retailers does SupplyPike Deductions Management work with?

We currently have full functionality for Walmart, but have support for several other retailers and are constantly developing new integrations. Have a specific retailer you’re interested in? Let us know!

What if I have more than one vendor number with a retailer?

For Walmart, we treat each 6-digit vendor number as a unique company so the pricing you see above is based on a single 6-digit vendor number. If you have more than one 6-digit vendor number, reach out to sales to discuss custom pricing.

How does shipping document retrieval work?

SupplyPike integrates with several hundred carriers and 3PLs. This means we can retrieve shipping documents from their web-based portals automatically. After retrieving those documents, our proprietary software intelligently pairs them the appropriate deductions record so they’re available when you need them. 

At this time, we are only able to retrieve documents from your carrier or 3PL if they have an API or a web-based portal. Work with a carrier which does not have one? Not to worry, you can upload your own documents to the deduction record as well!

Still have doubts? Please reach out to us! Our list of integrations is large and growing every day.

I ship through a really small 3PL, can you still get my shipping documents?

As long as your carrier or 3PL has a web-based portal where you can access Proofs of Delivery or Bills of Lading, we should be able to fetch them for you. If in doubt, reach out to us! Our list of integrations is large and growing every day. 

I’m a retail broker and I want to use SupplyPike to help manage my clients’ deductions. Do you have a pricing plan for me?

We sure do! Drop us a line and we’d be happy to get you set up with a custom plan. 

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