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SupplyPike Analytics software automatically sends you your monday morning reports, copy

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Emailed Reportss Features Headline To Segway You

High level summary of performance at Walmart broken out into 6 categories with with easy to read text insights for each section.

Quickly get context into your sales numbers by comparing them to last year.

Keep an eye on incoming inventory and how it compares to dollar and unit sales.

Make sure you're tracking in the right direction with the most up to date OTIF KPIs.

Spot anomalies in your forecast by seeing it graphed alongside last year's sales.

The OTIF Scorecard not only provides KPIs and goals, but also the detailed insights that drives them.
The SP Replenishment report puts all the most relevant data in one place. So you can spend your time fixing the issue instead of pulling reports and manipulating data in excel.
Stay up to date on your general supplier performance with the Supplier Scorecard.

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